Faniani Trucks offers all kinds of truck rental services. From vans to moving trucks and big transportation trucks. So, if you’re looking to haul all your personal belongings to another location or you need a bigger truck for a longer time maybe seasonally, we can provide. Our vehicles are available for daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal rent. You name it, we can do it.

We offer new models of vehicles, that are regularly maintained and taken care of. So you can be sure that renting with us is going to go smoothly. The vehicles are reliable and our prices are affordable. Also, if you’re a truck company who is lacking a few trucks in the busiest season, you can always contact us – we will make an arrangement and help you out.

We understand that customer relationship is important and it takes a good team for maintaining friendly and long term relationships. That is why we have a great customer support team, that is multilingual and can help you with all your questions. They make sure everything goes as planned from the first call or email you make to the returning of the truck. In this way you are being assisted throughout the process.

Faniani Trucks

So, if you are in need of our truck rental services,
contact us and we will help you out!